Australia's favourite smart home climate control system.

AirTouch: Smart Home Climate Control

Taking air conditioning to a whole new level of comfort and energy efficiency.

Smart air conditioning control offering integrated AC unit and zone control, individual temperature monitoring and adjustments for each zone in your home, as well as smartphone app control of your air conditioner.


You’re in Control

Air Conditioning App for iOS & Android

Make home comfortable from anywhere with the AirTouch App. Control temperature, zoning and airflow via WiFi when you are at home, or over the internet when you are away.

Smart Home Temperature Alerts

AirTouch 4 can send an alert straight to your smartphone when home is getting too hot or cold inviting you to turn on the climate control so you can come home to a comfortable house.

Integrates how you want

Ready for Greater Things

Unlock more potential for your home air conditioning with AirTouch, and popular, open smart assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. With whoever you choose to control your air conditioning, AirTouch will respond.

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