about us


Airdroitech is the result  of Polyaire’s many success stories. Being the market leader for more than 3 decades, Polyaire now extends its research and development arm into Malaysia. Airdroitech joins the list of Polyaire’s collaborators . Working together with a team of exceptional engineers, Airdroitech aims to play a part in developing talents in this fast paced industry while continuously achieving and exceeding its goals in delivering exceptional solutions in SmartHomes and IoT to the world.


Who are we?

What Do We Do?

Collaborate. We apply our knowledge and practical skills to develop, test, deploy, and scale IT solutions meeting our clients’ business needs.

While process remains relevant in today’s environment, the culture at Airdroitech is predominantly result driven.

Our Projects

Smart Home Climate Control


Air Conditioning CAD Software


Air Conditioning Manufacturing and Distribution