Helping HVAC Professionals work faster with a new planning CAD Tool

Air Conditioning Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software

We developed the CAD Tool for air conditioning professional in Australia.

PolyPlan by Polyaire is a ducted air conditioning and gas heating design plus quoting tool. We transform how HVAC professionals work with Polyplan, allowing faster designs, smarter quotes and a stand out plan for their customers.

Cloud Based Software

Unlimited storage and backups of your job plans with access to all the latest updates plus feature additions the moment they are available.

Automated Smart Tools for Efficient Design

We build intelligent and smart tools to automate the design process for ducted installations to Australian homes. These include

Capacity Calculator

Upload house plans and use smart, simple tools to calculate the area and capacity needs of every room/zone.

Automated Designs

PolyPlan places the right size and quantity of outlets needed in each zone for each design. Just select the style of outlets you want to use and it’s done. Similar automated process for fittings, units and ducts

ADT Projects